Down across the board yesterday. Soybeans -6.00 cents, Corn -1.50 cent, Wheat -6.50 cents in Chicago, -6.00 cents in Kansas and -4.75 cents in Minneapolis. There’s a clear nervousness approaching the tonight’s stock report. On the other side of the Pond, MATIF was a couple of ticks down, CME EU flat and London Feed +£0.30.


In Chicago, funds sold 4,000 lots of Wheat, same for Soybeans and same for Corn! Neat!


Night session is still on the downside, -3.25 cents on Soybeans, a tick down on Corn and -1.50 cent on Chicago and Kansas Wheat while Minneapolis is up +1.25 cent. Heading to 200 cents premium again? MATIF is ticking a couple of ticks down, CME EU flat line and London Feed -£0.35.


Long story short: waiting the report / Friday mood.


French corn harvest is 25% completed and the corn still standing is still rated 80% G/E. Harvest in the north of the UK is still not over, as it started early, it’s going to be one of the longest harvest on record!


Algeria booked 450,000T at $211/$212 CNF according to Reuters with the usual lack of transparency of the tender result. GASC is seeking SoyOil and SunFlower Oil.


Another round of Brexit discussions over and it seems there still could be a bit of time before the post-Brexit trade relationship is discussed… This is long… Very long! EURUSD is trading just above 1.18, GBPUSD above 1.3375 and GBPEUR above 1.1325.

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